Professional Teaching Assistants

Professional teaching assistants (TAs) do not receive access to CAMS, the University's student database.

For those professional TAs whose job description includes grading student assignments, the faculty teaching the course may grant Moodle access so that the TA may view, evaluate and post grades for individual student assignments.

Prior to being given Moodle access, each TA will be required to sign the "Confidentiality of Records Agreement" before a designated department witness, generally the program supervisor/coordinator. Once this document is signed and filed within the department, the program supervisor/coordinator will request a Bastyr email address for the professional TA, if she/he does not currently have one, to allow Moodle access.

Program supervisors/coordinators are responsible for maintaining current TA lists and for notifying Faculty Services and IT of changes on a quarterly basis. If a TA is expected to return the following academic year, the email address should remain in place.