Repeat Competency - RC - Grades

Repeat Competency (RC) grades apply only to courses within the naturopathic medicine (NM) curriculum in which there are multiple core competencies (disciplines) within a course. An RC grade must be converted to AC (Achieved Competency) in order for the student to progress within the naturopathic medicine curriculum.

An RC grade indicates that the student demonstrated competency in some of the disciplines within the course but must repeat and achieve competency in other disciplines in order to earn a grade of AC for the course. A student who is successful in at least one discipline receives an RC grade when s/he does not:

  • meet the minimum points to be eligible to take a remediation exam for a discipline,
  • successfully pass the remediation exam, or
  • take the remediation exam.

While the student is in the process of repeating the discipline(s) in which competency must be demonstrated, the grade of RC will remain on the student’s official transcript for that course. Once competency in all course disciplines is achieved, the professor submits a grade change form to the registrar’s office.

Students who withdraw from the University with unremediated RC grades will receive a grade of F for those courses.