2017-2018 Fees

Add/Drop/Change Fee (after free add/drop period)  $15
Admissions Deposit: (credit toward tuition) 
  Graduate/Professional Degree Programs  $300
  Undergraduate, Certificate, Post-baccalaureate  $200
  Dual Degree (current students adding a second degree program), Non-matriculated  $100
 Advanced Standing/Transfer Evaluation Fee (Naturopathic Medicine)  $150
 Advanced Standing/Transfer Evaluation Fee (Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine)  $100
Application Fees: 
 Undergraduate  $60
 Post-Baccalaureate, Graduate and Professional  $75
 California Student Tuition Recovery Fund Fees (BUC Students only)1  Varies
General Fees:
Bike Rental $40/qtr
Challenge Exam Fee 50% of tuition
Clinic Shift Change/Drop Fee2 $10, $100
Competency Exam Fee $50
Deferment Fee $50
Diploma Replacement/Second Diploma Fee $50
Interest 1.0% per month
E-Payment Credit Card Convenience Fee 2.75% per transaction
E-Payment by Check No fee
International Student Accident/Sickness Plan3 $366/qtr or $1,464/year
Late Graduation Application Fee $50
Late Registration Fee $25
Locker Fee $15 or $20/year
Nonrefundable Course Deposit4 Varies
NMSA Fee5  $60 
NSF Check Fee  $28
Official Transcripts (7-10 business days)  $5
Official Transcripts (1-2 business days)  $10
Overnight Fee   $25 per transaction
Parking (main campus)  $48/qtr
Parking Citations (Vary according to infraction)  $10 - $100
Shuttle (between main campus and clinic)6  $1 each way
Stop Payment on Student Refund  $25 per transaction
Student Council Activity Fee  $25/qtr
Void Check  $10 per transaction

There may be additional fees.

1No charges due this year. For further discussion of the purpose of this fee and the related calculation of the charges, refer to the State of California’s Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education website

2Fee varies depending on date and shift type. Please see clinic registration staff for details.

3A plan may also be purchased for international student dependents.

4Nonrefundable course deposits are required when confirmed enrollment is essential prior to the start of a given quarter. Amount varies depending on the course.

5Naturopathic Medicine Student Association fee, charge to ND students only, charge on winter quarter.

6Discounted punch cards and monthly passes available at campus bookstore and Bastyr Center for Natural Health dispensary.