Dropping all classes by or before the end of the first week of classes entitles a student to a 100 percent tuition refund. An add/drop fee is charged after the first week has ended. Any clinic drops are accompanied by financial penalties. (See clinic registration staff in the registrar’s office for more information.) Refund calculations for drops or withdrawals from classes after the first week of the quarter are found here. For those students receiving federal financial aid, the federal calculation for the return of Title IV funds is required, and refunds will be returned on behalf of the student to the federal government. Amounts are determined by federal regulations. Students who receive state financial aid may also have funds returned to the state based on each state’s refund policy.

Students with financial problems that will affect the payment of tuition and/or fees should contact the student accounts office at once to make satisfactory arrangements.

The deadline for contesting a charge on a student account is 90 days from the close of the quarter in which the charge is applied or 90 days from the actual posting, whichever is later.

Financial policies, like all policies of the University, are subject to change and revision by the management and/or Board of Trustees of the University. Notice of changes is published on MyBU.