Bastyr University Commitments

The Bastyr University community of students, faculty and staff is committed to:

 Academic Rigor, which includes a science-based approach to natural health and wellness with a focus on health promotion, information literacy, research skills, critical thinking and problem solving.

 Effective Communication, which includes proficiency in written, oral and non-verbal communication, active listening, respectful conflict resolution, and articulate advocacy.

Respectful Behavior, which includes ethical conduct, compassion and thoughtfulness, integrity, observance of appropriate professional and interpersonal boundaries, and stewardship of a healthy planet.

Intercultural awareness, which includes an understanding of one’s own and other cultures and an attitude of curiosity, openness and humility.

Social justice, which includes supporting those who are disenfranchised, marginalized or oppressed through education, direct service and advocacy for the well-being of all people.