Naturopathic Medicine Dual Degrees

There are a number of degree options that allow students in the naturopathic medicine program to earn a second degree. Students in good standing wishing to pursue a dual degree should realize that adding a second program will extend the time you spend in your original program by a year or more. Most of the dual-degree programs enable graduating with the ND and a master’s degree in a total of five years, if the student stays on track. Students must also maintain good standing in all programs while pursuing multiple degrees. The midwifery degree option is a minimum of six years.

Currently the following programs may be considered: Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine, Ayurvedic Sciences, Counseling and Health Psychology, Midwifery and Public Health. For additional information regarding the dual degrees, please contact the admissions department. A formal application to the individual programs through the admissions department must be completed. 

Students with advanced medical training, e.g., DC, DO or MD, must successfully complete the first year of study in their original program before acceptance into a second program.