Department of Basic Sciences

The Department of Basic Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science with a Major in Integrated Human Biology. The department also provides courses for most of Bastyr University’s programs. The basic sciences curriculum is designed to meet the specific competencies and learning objectives within each program.

The basic sciences department’s mission is to promote an optimal learning environment in which Bastyr University students can develop a strong foundation of knowledge and skills that will serve their continued development in their chosen fields of endeavor.

The basic sciences faculty encourages and expects students to advance beyond the simple learning of scientific facts and to systematically integrate the information from basic science disciplines into a unified model of human organization and function. This educational scheme requires students to assume an active role in the learning process and encourages them to adopt this inquisitive behavior for a lifetime. Problem solving, clinical cases and examples are an integral part of the basic science curriculum. This educational process is an expression of Bastyr University’s basic philosophy of a holistic approach to human behavior, health and therapeutics. The basic sciences faculty encourages students to become totally absorbed in an integrated approach to learning and understanding. Instructors are readily available to facilitate this process on an individual basis.