Adjunct Faculty Email

All adjunct faculty members are assigned and required to use a Bastyr University email account during the quarter(s) they are teaching. Email accounts remain active for one year from the end of the last quarter taught and are deleted within 30 days thereafter.

New adjunct faculty will be provided an account and logon information as soon as IT is officially notified but no earlier than week five of the quarter prior to the one in which they will be teaching. This will allow email access for planning and coordination with the University. Special requirements for earlier access may be accommodated on a case-by-case basis with the approval of the dean/department chair.

Adjunct faculty members who do not check their Bastyr University email during the quarters they are not teaching are required to post an auto-reply stating that they are not currently responding to emails sent to their account.

In order to maintain confidentiality of student- and patient-related communication, adjunct faculty must comply with HIPAA and FERPA regulations. (See "Family Educational Rights Privacy Act [FERPA] Compliance" and section on “Confidentiality” in the Student Clinician Handbook Global Module for HIPAA information.) Adjunct faculty members must use their Bastyr University email account for all communication with and pertaining to Bastyr University students and patients. In addition, Bastyr University email containing student or patient information may not be forwarded to an outside email account. Discretion must be exercised when forwarding non-student- or non-patient-related email from a Bastyr University account since such email may also contain other confidential University information.

Department program supervisors/coordinators will advise IT of all requests for new and discontinued email access.