Children in the Classroom

One of the goals of an educational institution is to provide the most conducive learning environment possible for all students. Although the University values children and families, children in the classroom are a distraction and can be a disruption. Therefore, children are not permitted in the classroom.

In addition, students are not permitted to bring children to Bastyr University clinics, except as a patient.

Older children may utilize the student lounge or dining commons unattended, but it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the child does not disrupt other members of the community who may also be utilizing those facilities. If disruptions occur, this privilege may be withdrawn.

Sick Children in University Facilities

Students may not bring a sick child to any University facility when the child has a contagious illness, except to a Bastyr University clinic as a patient. This is to reduce the risk of communicating such illnesses to other students, staff and faculty.

Students may be able to remotely monitor class activities while caring for a non-contagious sick child. The student must ask the instructor well in advance to see if a class may be attended remotely. Recordings of classes are not available.