Course Assessments

Students are expected to complete academic course and clinical shift assessments online during class or clinic shift, or as directed by faculty, in weeks eight through ten of each quarter.

Three weeks prior to each assessment period, the Faculty Services Department posts information on campus and sends email notifications to remind students to complete upcoming quarterly course and shift assessments. Email reminders continue once per week for all students with pending assessments.

Faculty members receive email notifications from Faculty Services prior to the assessment start date as well as weekly emails with instructions and suggested student engagement strategies. There is no official make-up assessment period, but students may email comments at any time to their instructors, department chairs or deans to provide informal feedback. The Faculty Services Department mailbox at may be used to provide anonymous input.

When assessments are completed and tabulated and grades have been submitted, the deans and department chairs are notified by Faculty Services that results for their schools/departments are available online for review. Department chairs submit a quarterly course assessment review form to the dean to confirm that all course assessments have been read and, if necessary, to propose solutions to areas of concern. The dean also uses the form to recommend resolutions to course assessment problems. Completed forms are retained in department files.

The day after grades are due, summary results of course assessments are distributed to faculty members via emailed attachments. Faculty members do not receive summaries of course assessments prior to the date that grades are due. All summaries are accessible on each faculty member’s course assessment dashboard any time after release.

Weekend intensives and some other courses do not run an entire quarter. These courses will be assessed at the same time as all regular 11-week courses. Deans or department chairs wishing to have a course assessed before the official assessment period should provide Faculty Services with sufficient advance notice to prepare and post the course assessment for students to complete during class time.