Degree Award Deadlines

The awarding and posting of degrees at Bastyr University are governed by specific deadlines. These deadlines affect the actual awarding of degrees. Student participation in commencement ceremonies is governed by a separate policy. The dates for final examinations each quarter and for commencement ceremonies are published in the Bastyr University Catalog and the registrar’s quarterly calendar.

For all bachelor’s, master’s and professional doctoral degrees awarded by Bastyr University:

  • All coursework must be completed by the last day of the quarter for graduating students.
  • Any in progress (IP), incomplete (I) or partial competency (PC) grades in coursework or clinic shifts must be replaced with passing grades no later than the last day of the quarter.
  • If a student has any outstanding course or grade requirements on the last day of the quarter, his/her degree will be posted at the close of the subsequent quarter.