Directed Study

The intent of a directed study is to give students who are off track in their programs the opportunity, under unusual and exceptional circumstances, to complete a specific required sequential course. 

A directed study may only be considered under the following circumstances:

  • The student has failed a specific class and must complete coursework in order to maintain continuity in required sequential course offerings, and there is no other option available.
  • An advanced standing student must complete required coursework before starting his/her program, and there is no other option available.
  • A scheduling conflict exists regarding a required course that cannot otherwise be remedied.

Circumstances under which a directed study will not be considered include:

  • Use of directed study as a means to complete coursework without attending regularly scheduled classes.
  • The student chooses to enroll in an elective or schedule another activity that conflicts with the time during which a required course is offered.
  • When a leave of absence is the best option for the student’s medical or personal situation.

If the student meets one or more of the acceptable directed study criteria listed above, s/he must discuss the request for a directed study with his/her program associate dean or department chair (i.e., not the department in which the course is being offered). In addition to granting approval, the associate dean or department chair will work with the appropriate department chair or designee to identify a faculty member to teach the directed study. The University cannot guarantee that a directed study will be available to a student even when criteria under which directed study is approved are met.

The associate dean or department chair will provide the student with a form that outlines the steps the student must follow in order to comply with all enrollment and directed study requirements. Failure to follow the instructions in full may result in the directed study being canceled.

A maximum of two students may participate in a directed study, unless otherwise approved by the program associate dean or department chair. Each student pays tuition, lab fees and other costs associated with the regular class. In addition, a student participating in a directed study must also compensate the faculty member at the standardized hourly rate stated on the directed study form. This hourly rate is divided among students taking the same directed study with the same meeting times.