All Students

Program elective requirements are listed in the catalog for the year the student enrolled in his/her program.

Unless otherwise stated, elective credits may be taken from any discipline, but credit will not be granted for coursework that is deemed to be similar or foundational to the student’s degree program required coursework. For example, a course in the foundations of naturopathic medicine could not be applied to the elective credit requirement for naturopathic medicine (NM) students.

Dual Degree Students

If a dual-degree student has waived a required course from one or both of his/her degree programs, that student may use coursework from one program to make up waived credits in the other program in which s/he is concurrently enrolled.

In addition, students may use core credits in their secondary academic degree or certificate program to fulfill general elective credit requirements in their primary academic degree program. Required electives from one program may not be substituted for programmatic (i.e., required discipline-specific) electives in another program.