Environmental Safety Procedures

When a student concern is registered about environmental safety, the following procedure should be followed:

  • The concern must be in writing along with a description of the specific remedy the student is requesting.
  • The written concern should go to the health and safety officer (HSO), either directly or through the department chair.
  • The HSO will decide if it is an appropriate health concern and who can best address the concern (facilities management, academics, dean of students or some other department or a combination of parties).
  • If, after investigation, it is deemed not to be a legitimate concern, a written response will be provided to the student within two weeks by the HSO stating why no further action will be taken.
  • If action is required, the HSO and others involved will establish the appropriate course of action, implement the plan, and report back to the student the University’s intended action and a reasonable time line.
  • Records of all correspondence will be maintained and distributed, if appropriate, by the HSO.

Any student concern must be reviewed in light of the University’s responsibility in the following three areas:

  • Course requirements established by accreditation and institutional curriculum committees
  • Safety standards of relevant regulatory agencies (OSHA, WISHA)
  • Documented ADA conditions requiring reasonable accommodation which the University can provide