Experiential Learning Credit

Graduate credit for experiential learning may be granted only when the learning experience takes place while the student is enrolled in a graduate program at Bastyr University. Graduate credit for experiential learning prior to the student’s entrance as a graduate student to the University will not be considered. Demonstrated proficiency from an experiential learning experience may include taking a challenge or competency exam. Those exams are governed by specific policies and procedures, which may be found elsewhere in this catalog.

Undergraduate credit may be granted for prior or current experiential learning and is limited to a maximum of 15 percent of the total credits required for that student to earn a bachelor’s degree. Undergraduates may also take a challenge or competency exam to demonstrate proficiency in a specific subject, according to parameters set forth in this catalog.  The cost associated with taking challenge or competency exams are in the Financial Policies under fees. 

All requests for experiential learning credit are processed through the registrar’s office and evaluated by the department chair or program director as well as the faculty member responsible for teaching the subject matter for which experiential learning credit is being requested. If credit is denied for prior experiential learning, that decision is final and cannot be appealed.