Criminal Background Checks and Felony Conviction Disclosure Requirements

Felony convictions must be disclosed on the University admissions application form. However, a felony conviction does not automatically disqualify a student from being admitted to the University.

If a felony conviction is disclosed on an application for admission, the assistant vice president for student recruitment and retention or the associate director of admissions must discuss the situation with the appropriate dean before making a decision to admit a prospective student. The dean will apply the review process outlined below to determine if the felony conviction would preclude the student from completing his/her program or place Bastyr clinic or off-site patients, students, staff or faculty members at risk. The dean’s decision is final.

Background Checks

Bastyr University requires national background checks for all students enrolling in clinical training programs. Background checks must be completed prior to any patient contact by students at Bastyr University clinics, an affiliate clinic, or a practicum or preceptor site.

The cost of the background check is included in the fee for related first-time clinic entry courses. While this first-time background check will be sufficient for Bastyr University clinics and most other preceptor, practicum and off-site clinical training programs, some sites may require additional checks. The cost for any additional or updated background checks is the responsibility of the student and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Background check documentation is kept in the Office of the Registrar and remains the property of the University.

Felony Conviction Disclosure After Matriculation

Student clinicians must immediately notify their clinical program supervisors, department chair or dean if charged with and/or convicted of a felony after background checks have been conducted. When a student discloses a conviction to his/her advisor or department chair as required, the dean will apply the review process outlined below.

Failure to Disclose a Felony Conviction

Failure to disclose a felony conviction on a University admission application (e.g., if a background check reveals a felony conviction that should have been previously disclosed) or not reporting a felony conviction to the student’s program lead, department chair or dean after the background check is conducted constitute non-compliance with the disclosure requirement. Such a student will be subject to dismissal according to the review process outlined below.

Felony Conviction Review

After a student discloses a felony conviction or the University learns that the student has not disclosed a felony conviction as required, the dean will review the circumstances of the conviction and determine if the student will be allowed to enroll or finish his/her program at the University. The dean may also consider if the student has developed appropriate professional, ethical and other competencies to fulfill program requirements before making his/her determination.

During the review process, the student will be informed that the University does not assume any responsibility for the student’s post-graduation licensure status or professional success should s/he be allowed to finish his/her degree at Bastyr.

After conducting a review for factual error or extenuating circumstances related to the felony conviction or non-disclosure, the dean will determine if immediate dismissal is warranted. If so, s/he will formally recommend dismissal of the student to the provost.