Making Up Classes

When classes are not held due to an official holiday recognized by the University, classes are not to meet, for any reason, on those holidays nor are make-up classes to be held to account for classes missed due to a holiday.*

When classes are cancelled due to illness of the instructor, inclement weather, power outage or other acts of God, and the instructor wishes to make up the class, the following applies:

  • Make-up classes cannot be held on official University holidays.
  • The instructor may reschedule class time with approval from the majority of students. Since all students may not be able to attend this make-up class, the following policy applies:
    • Exams may not be given during a make-up class.
    • Absences cannot count against any attendance requirements.
    • The instructor must provide lecture notes or appropriate learning materials to those not in attendance.

* Note:

If faculty know in advance that they must have the total number of hours that would ordinarily be available if there were no holiday(s) that information must be presented to the appropriate chairperson prior to establishing the schedule so that those hours can be rescheduled. For example, a Monday class in winter quarter that ordinarily meets two hours each week for 10 weeks ought to be scheduled for two and one-half hours each week for the eight actual class meetings to achieve the needed number of hours.