Retake and Rescheduled Examinations

Students must take exams at the regularly scheduled examination times. No exams will be given early.

AC/PC Graded Courses

Failed examinations within an AC/PC graded course may be retaken only once and only with the approval of the instructor.  The examination must be completed within the time line stipulated by the department.

A – F Graded Courses

Failed examinations within an A – F graded course may not be retaken.

Rescheduled Examinations

An examination may be rescheduled and proctored only in the case of a personal emergency (for example, hospitalization or death in the family) or due to a University-recognized religious holiday (see attendance policy).

The student must present supporting documentation for the absence to the faculty member. The exam must be taken the day the student returns from his/her emergency absence or at the earliest possible date a proctoring situation can be scheduled. The faculty member and student will coordinate in person, by phone or via email a mutually agreeable time and place for the retake of the missed examination. The student will take the test proctored by the faculty member or designee at the scheduled time, and the faculty member will submit the grade to the registrar.