Following completion of the application process, a letter of acceptance is sent to those applicants selected. Those applicants who are making satisfactory progress toward the completion of their prerequisite requirements may be accepted with conditions. For these individuals, matriculation is contingent on successful completion of the requirements outstanding at the time of acceptance.

A nonrefundable deposit is due within two weeks of receipt of their acceptance notification to hold a place in the class. The deposit is credited toward tuition. Applicants have six business days from the University’s receipt of their deposit in which to request return of the deposit. Following this time, deposits are nonrefundable, even if applicants decide to reapply and enroll in a subsequent year.  Should an applicant decide to reapply for the following year, are admitted, and decide to enroll, a 2nd enrollment deposit is required.  Upon enrollment, both deposits are credited toward tuition.

Offers of admission are made for a specific quarter of a specific year. For most degree programs, applicants are admitted only in the fall quarter.

An admissions file may be examined by the student (with the exception of confidential recommendations) only after enrollment. Files remain the property of the University, and information contained within cannot be returned to or copied for the student. Certain items submitted for admission to the University are not considered part of a student’s permanent academic record. Therefore, those items are purged from the file before transferal to the registrar’s office, and therefore are not available for examination by the student.