Strategic Plan

In order to accomplish this vision of the future, the Bastyr Community and Board of Trustees offers updated institutional strategic initiatives identified in previous planning cycles. The updated institutional strategic initiatives follow measurable outcomes and selected tactics that will drive decision making and inform and guide the daily lives of all member of the Bastyr community and ensure that the University, remain sustainable for generations to come and helps to transform the health and well-being of the human community. Those updated institutional strategic initiatives are as follows:

Strategic Initiative # 1: Convene internal and external conversations that facilitate interdisciplinary integration of our program’s graduates into the broader provision of general healthcare, influence health policy for and advance the general public’s awareness of our graduates unique value among the growing collection of naturally-inclined providers and support the University’s mission to educate future leaders in the credentialed professions that arise from world class natural health arts and sciences education.

Strategic Initiative # 2: Support academic programs that are essential to a high-quality education in the natural health arts and sciences.

Strategic Initiative # 3: Attract and retain highly qualified faculty and staff who are responsible for delivering quality education and support services; safeguarding academic freedom; administering a diverse range of educational, clinical and research initiatives; ensuring the integrity of the curricula; and maintaining the University’s commitment to its mission and vision. 

Strategic Initiative # 4: Attract, support and retain exceptional students representing diverse cultures, races/ethnicities, life experiences and perspectives.

Strategic Initiative # 5: Develop innovative and effective methods for teaching and research that validates whole-person health.

Strategic Initiative # 6: Expand the career opportunities for graduates through expanded career preparedness training, residency opportunities, partnerships, and applicable clinical training.

Strategic Initiative # 7: Ensure ongoing financial stability, sustainability and intentional stewardship of institutional resources.