School of Naturopathic Medicine

Administrators of the School of Naturopathic Medicine

Arianna Staruch, ND, Dean

Jennifer Johnson, ND, Associate Dean, Naturopathic Clinical Education

Cynthia Hope, ND, Interim Associate Dean, California Campus

Emma Norton, ND, Associate Dean, Naturopathic Clinical Education, California Campus

Sheila Kingsbury, ND, RH (AHG), Chair, Botanical Medicine

Dean Neary, ND, Chair, Physical Medicine

Joshua Rubinstein, ND, Chair, Clinical Sciences

Gary Garcia, MD, Director, Community and Post Graduate Medicine

Kristine Arena, Program Supervisor

Chrissy Atkins, Program Coordinator, Botanical Medicine

Holly Minch, Administrative Assistant

Caitlin Gilson, MA, Program Director, Certificate in Holistic Landscape Design

Katie Vincent, Supervisor, Bastyr University Gardens

Lindsay Warshaw, Assistant Supervisor, Bastyr University Gardens

Crystal Hamby, Lab Coordinator, Practicum Coordinator, Botanical Medicine

Ana Ogard, Program Supervisor, California Campus

Emily Hartman-Fiedler, Administrative Assistant, California Campus

Programs offered

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Bachelor of Science with a Major in Herbal Sciences

Certificate in Holistic Landscape Design