Credit Load Limits

Bastyr University degree program requirements are outlined within each school or department section of the Bastyr University Catalog. The recommended didactic curriculum for each year and track of the degree program is specified. Elective courses and clinical credits are considered additional to required didactic course credits.

Students in good academic standing may choose to enroll in additional courses to include important electives or explore special interests. However, maximum credit loads for which students may register in any given quarter are listed below by program:

Bachelor of Science (all programs)   20 credits 
Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology 24 credits
Master of Science in Midwifery 30 credits
Master of Science in Nutrition (all tracks) 24 credits
Master of Science in Acupuncture 25 credits
Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine 25 credits
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine 30 credits 

Students enrolled in multiple programs must plan carefully so that they do not exceed the stated number of credits for the program with the highest credit limit.

In extraordinary cases, and with prior approval from the student’s associate dean or department chair, a highly successful student may be allowed to exceed their program credit limit. The associate dean or department chair indicates approval by emailing the office of the registrar, noting the total credit load being approved. However, approved credit load increases may not exceed 10 percent above the program’s stated limit.