Double Majors for Undergraduate Students

Bastyr University will allow students to complete two majors, provided students are in good standing at the time they wish to declare their second major. The second major cannot be declared until the second quarter of attendance. However, students may start attending courses required for the second major in their first quarter of attendance. Students must submit a declaration of double major form to the registrar’s office at the time the major is declared. Students are required to have their program of study approved by the appropriate chair(s) and/or dean(s) at the time the double major is declared.

There are no predetermined schedules for the double majors. It is the student’s responsibility to create appropriate schedules for double major combinations. Students must meet quarterly with the undergraduate advisor in the registrar’s office for assistance in tracking the progress of the two majors.

Students are advised that declaring a double major will increase the amount of time it takes to graduate. The minimum amount of time to complete any double major is three years. If the required courses for any quarter exceed the limit on student credit loads as outlined in the Credit Load Limits policy, the student must obtain permission from the academic chairs of both majors.

Students earning a double major must usually complete no fewer than 220 credits. The credit requirement total for double majors is determined by the total of the prerequisite basic proficiency, science and general education credits, the major core credits in both programs, and any elective credit requirement with defined parameters for one or both majors (for example, 2 activity credits required for exercise science and wellness majors). Where duplication exists between the two majors, the student is not required to make up the credits represented by the duplication.