President's Welcome

Welcome to Bastyr University -- we are happy you have found us!
Now that you are here, it is time for you to further develop your passion for a healthier world for all. Your timing is perfect as our communities need services that will build up their immunity, calm their minds, and feed their families well. Whatever the path that brought you to campus, now is the time for you to turn your calling into your career that will make a difference. 

At Bastyr University, we know you want to be extraordinary. In order to do that, you need an exceptional education that integrates health, science and nature. While much of today’s health and medical education focuses on one of these elements at the expense of the others, at Bastyr we believe that students deserve the complete education they need to make a healthier world for all.

It inspires me to see and work within a community that is so passionate about its calling to expand access to complementary and integrative care. Each degree program, and thereby each student at Bastyr, seeks to improve the lives of patients and other members of our communities — whether it be through providing natural health services, advocating for health policy change or cultivating a holistic landscape for the community to enjoy. The disciplines in which we train play a significant role in bringing natural health to communities far beyond our San Diego and Seattle neighborhoods. We are a part of the nation’s efforts to see healthier people who live longer lives. What a fulfilling pursuit we all share!

This year, I challenge you to dig into your studies and make the most of your education at Bastyr. Around the globe, education has changed due to the pandemic. We are so fortunate to have world-renowned faculty here at Bastyr who continuously strive to integrate health, science and nature into each of their classes – whether we are in a laboratory or connected remotely. These faculty, together with our staff, are here to guide you toward the resources and knowledge you will require to get your career off to a wonderful start.

For more than 40 years, Bastyr University has been producing industry leaders who are changing the world. We are proud to have you among us to continue the legacy into the next 40 years.

Yours in health,

Harlan Patterson, MBA, CPA

Bastyr University President