Academic Calendar for 2021-2022

Fall 2021 Winter 2022 Spring 2022 Summer 2022
Orientation 6/7 online for MCHS students
7/12 online for MACP students  
8/16 online for MSMW students
9/20-22 for all students both campuses
MCHS first onsite - summer 2021 7/12-14 (online this year)
Classes Start for First-Year MACP Students -summer 2021 7/13
Classes Start for First-Year Midwifery Students  9/13   
Classes Start for all students (didactic) 9/231 1/3 4/4 7/11
ND Remediation Exams and Exercises2 1/3-4 3/31-4/1 7/7-8  
Clinic Start  9/27 1/3 4/4 6/27
Last Day to Withdraw with a W Grade 11/19 2/25 5/27 8/19
Classes End 12/3 3/11 6/10 9/2
Final Exams End 12/10 3/18 6/17 9/2
Clinic Ends 12/11 3/19 6/18 9/10
Interim Clinic3 12/13-23 
3/21 -3/26
Commencement Ceremony

BUK 6/20
BUC 6/24

No Teaching Clinic4 12/24-1/2 3/28 - 4/2 6/20-25 9/19-24
Bastyr Community Day5

Official Holidays6 11/25-27 1/17, 2/21 5/30 7/4, 9/5
Financial Aid Application Priority Due Date


Calendar Notes

1In fall quarter only, the beginning is on a Thursday.

2Students earning PCs in naturopathic medicine modules in year one and two will need to return to campus before the start of the following quarter to complete remediation exams and exercises.

3During interim clinic, all clinic services run normally. Interim clinic is required; exceptions must be approved in advance. Students staff the shifts in which they were registered in the quarter just ended.

4During no teaching clinic, the clinic does not offer patient visits, but appointment phones and dispensary are open (except when one of the clinic closure days falls on a paid holiday). Appointment phones and dispensary hours may be altered from their standard operating hours. The clinic is closed on all official University holidays.

5Bastyr Community Day is focused on the health and well-being of members of the Bastyr community. Activities are scheduled for the afternoon and classes and clinic shifts are cancelled from noon to 5 p.m. so that members of the community can participate. Date to be announced.

6Although religious holidays are NOT official University holidays, the University’s policy is to attempt to accommodate the observance of religious practices. Students are responsible for the material covered but will not have religious absences count against any attendance requirement. Students observing such holidays are required to notify faculty during the first week of classes and find substitutes for clinic shifts affected. Students should follow the reschedule exam procedures in the event an exam falls on a religious holiday.

Major religious holidays in the coming academic year that occur when the University is in session are 9/7, 9/16, 11/29 - 12/6 2021; 4/2-5/11 2022. Bastyr University schedules clinical training and occasional required courses or intensives on weekends. Students who have religious restrictions against attending classes on weekends must contact their program chair or dean, in advance, when such a conflict occurs. Efforts will be made to resolve such conflicts, but a resolution cannot be guaranteed.

Revised: June 2021

The calendar is subject to change without notice.