Federal Refund Requirements

The refund schedule below has been established in keeping with federal refund requirements for students withdrawing from school:

Week of the Quarter % Refund for Course Withdrawals1 % Refund for Complete Withdrawals2
1st 100% 100%
2nd 90% 90%
3rd 50% 80%
4th 50% 70%
5th 25% 60%
6th 25% 50%
7th through 8th 0 0

Refunds related to course and full withdrawal from summer quarter are different and published in the summer quarter academic calendar, available on MyBU. After the first week of the quarter, course withdrawals are accompanied by a W grade on the transcript (except in the case of courses that have not yet begun).

1All courses (including weekend intensive courses) follow this refund schedule. Courses may not be dropped after the course has ended (example: weekend intensive and non-traditionally scheduled courses). Courses may only be added in the first week of the quarter (with the exception of weekend intensive courses). In order to manage patient scheduling, the University strongly discourages students from dropping clinic shifts. Students who drop a clinic shift before the quarter may be assessed a financial penalty. Once the quarter has begun, there is no refund for shift withdrawals (except in the case of family or medical emergencies). Please see the clinic registration staff, in the registrar’s office, for more information regarding clinic shift changes.

2Calculated by hand.